Friday, October 21, 2005

Going Once Going Twice...Gone!

Since April of this year I have lost 30 pounds. Yesterday I went to see Dr. Pappas (my OB/GYN) and he informed me that since I delivered Melana I have lost 52 pounds. Woo Hoo!! I want to lose about 10 more and then I am going to have my tummy tuck. Yippy!! (Can you see me jumping up and down clapping?) I will make my appointment for a consultation on Monday with a plastic surgeon. The more weight I lose the worse my stomach looks. I look like I have a cow utter. UGHHHH!! 2 C-Sections back to back is not good on the stomach, not to mention the 2 toddlers I gave birth to. I am so excited I can't weight , I mean wait.


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