Monday, October 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Damage

This is the site of what use to be St. Clare Church on the beach in Waveland.
As you can see all that is left is the alter and the floor.
The tents in the background is what use to be the school.

This is the Grand Casino barge which washed up 2 miles west of where it use to be and across Highway 90 and landed on top of Tullis Manor Historical House in Biloxi.

This is the second part of the Grand Casino which broke away from the other one and washed ashore approx 1/4 mile west of the first barge.

This pic is what is left of the Hard Rock Casino that was due to Open the first weekend in September. Hey..I guess there is a bright side to that, they will not have to replace the 2 million dollar guitar that was in front because believe it or not it is still standing. They advertised it would stand up to a Cat 4 Hurricane..guess they weren't lying.

The Port Commission Building. Only the 3rd Floor is left.

The site of Bombay Bicycle Club

This is a view of Howard Ave. That is what the whole street looks like for the exception of a few house that are standing but gutted by the water.


Blogger elizabeth said...

i am so glad that you finally got your whole "pic problem" worked out.

your pictures turned out great! still breaks my heart every time that i look at one of em.

when we going to get together to start scrapbooking this stuff??? :)

10/04/2005 7:22 AM  

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