Thursday, October 06, 2005

That Girl of Mine!!

You know my mom always said she hoped I had a girl and she would be just as bad if not worse than I was. Well...guess what. SHE IS!! Mom got her wish and believe me I am paying dearly for it. Melana is pure rotten. We knew that was the way it would be when O'Neil and I found out it was a girl. Melana is the first girl to be born on his side of the family in 36 years. (Yea you read right 36 years) She is the only girl on his side all the others are stinking boys including her brother Mason. Melana has 4 boys that she will have to defend herself agaisnt and believe you me she does it now. She takes absolutly no crap off anyone. Mason is 3 and she is 18 months and she will beat him down like a rag doll.


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