Saturday, November 26, 2005

After 7 hours the decorations are finally up..WOO HOO

I am so excited for the Christmas season. Mason is finally old enough to understand santa claus and he is so excited. Today he hasn't been feeling so hot so he stayed in bed most of the day. Occassionally he came out to supervise the tree production we had going on. Here are a few pics I snapped while in the 7 hour process. I don't know why in the hell it takes so long to do this crap but it does and I am over it for a while. Next weekend I will finish the outside decorations, lights and inflatables we have left to get up and on the house.
Of course all day I had to here from O'Neil "isn't this fun"..he was being a smart ass because he is a scrooge and he huffs and puffs at all my doings for christmas. I have 9 huge ass totes full of christmas stuff and he moans every year so this year i am on the man hunt for a decoration that say's BAH HUMBUG! in lights. I am going to hang that from the fence in the front so everyone can see.

The very top lights aren't working because we can't find the plug that goes to it. That's another project for him to groan about tomorrow. The slave driver gave him off the rest of the night.

This is one of those really annoying animated caroling sets that sings and twirls around. It is loud as hell and of course my 2 have to play it over and over and over. I am secretly wishing the thing blows up...

Awww the grinch stockings are my favorite. Dearest mommy made them for me 2 years ago.

Sure hope he doesn't bring me coal this year

She decided she wanted to stand by santa. She's going to crap her pants when she see's him in person. Thank goodness she wears diapers still


Blogger April said...

check out your soooo pretty, time-consuming, expensive tree! HA! everything looks so pretty, girl!

yay for christmas!


11/27/2005 9:51 AM  

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