Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Best Halloween Costumes EVER!!

As everyone knows we were hit by the worst hurricane ever so my cousin (Megan)who lives in New Orleans and her friends decided they were going to dress up. They decided to be a duct taped fridge (her friend Nick), MRE (Megan), and a water line (her friend Matt). Well how appropriate is that. That just cracks my ass up.

Megan the MRE and Matt the Duct Taped Fridge

Matt he Water line, Nick the fridge, and Megan the MRE

As Megan said if you can't poke fun at what happened you will lose your mind so this too me was great.

Hey Meg, you kow they selling MRE's on Ebay and they are going or around $100.00 a case. You think I can sell you? WOO HOO!!! We'd be rich..


Anonymous Megan said...

I had a whole Humvee of soldiers wanting to eat me. I didnt realize until after I made the costume that the word "Meal" ended up right over my crotch!

11/15/2005 7:54 PM  

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