Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fashion Disaster!!

Correct me if I am wrong but if this is the new style for this upcoming year then I will have to be outdated. This is the most ugliest dress I think I have seen in a long time. She looks like she has a snake around her neck. What the hell is that? I know it is probably suppose to be a scarf but that's no scarf I would wear. UGHHHH!!


Blogger elizabeth said...

uh oh! then i guess i better start to unravel the scarf i made you for xmas.....ha!

just kidding :)

if you think i've had time to knit you a scarf for xmas, you are outta your ever lovin' mind.

have fun today girl, i'll try and email you those photos later. mike will be home with pizza in a few minutes.

11/11/2005 3:43 PM  

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