Friday, November 11, 2005

It's Finally Here!!

Today I went over to Elizabeth's house and we scrapped most of the day with some eating in between. Got some pages accomplished that I am sending out to family and friends who I have started them a scrap book of the kids. ( I'll post the pages I've done later) In the meantime my book is being neglected but that's ok I'll catch it up one of these days. Hell what am I talking about Melana is almost 2 and I haven't even started hers yet. Geez I am truly mother of the year. I believe I should get that award for this year. Anyway back to my story...so all day I am antsy because I know my camera should be here today. I get home and I still see the note on the door I left to the UPS Man. I walked next door to see if he ran just incase I missed him and Ms. Linda said he had not. So I patiently waited. About 6 o'clock tonight I hear him roaring down the street. That was music to my ears. I ran outside and met him down the driveway by the mailbox. I was soooo excited the camera had made it safe and sound to the Adams residence.WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!! I am so excited I can't wait for those damn batteries to get a full charge I am going to be a snappin fool.


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