Friday, November 25, 2005

Whew! What a Shopping Day!

Well today I woke up at 6:00 got dressed and made a mad dash to Michael's to scoop up on some wreaths for my wreath party and few other goodies. Now keep in mind I need nothing else for scrapbooking, but what do I do... I buy more. Yes I am suppose to be in and out with only wreath's. Nope I had to have this great paper I found. I justified my spending on it because it was 180 sheets of patterned paper for 10.17. It's regularly 19.99. Who can pass up that bargain, right? So I mosey on over to the tool section and I see they have there xyron machines for 40% off. So what does Greta do... she has to have one. Then I notice this eyelet setter. I have one now but it's not as cool as this one so it was on sale for 17.99 threw that in the buggy also. This one is a must cause it has interchangeable attachments to go on it and you can emboss with it to. In my mind hey why not, right. I figure this one will make my life easier because it is a punch down setter vs. the one I have where you have to do all that shit manually. Next on my list I hit the ribbon section. Buy a butt load of Christmas ribbon. Why you ask? Well because it was on sale also. A girl can never have too much ribbon. I am a complete sucker for a good bargain. Might never use it but just in case I need it I have it.
Here are a few pics of my bargains.

Oh how I will love this thing

Isn't it great patterns? I thought so anyway!

Had to have these for my wreath I am doing Sunday

Yep that's my bargain setter/embosser

I used my Turkey Bucks I cut out the paper and save myself $40.00 on top of my great savings from sales. Woo Hoo. Sucker for a good bargain..

Anyhoo... On to K-Mart..stopped in to see if they had a few things I might need and ran across this organizer in the tool section. I thought hmmm this would be great for all my MAC make-up. I can buy my make-up a new house and move it out the 3 tier tackle box it's in now. Yes my make-up is in a tackle box. Funny huh! So i purchased this 39 drawer organizer and it now sits nice and pretty on my bathroom counter flush with the wall. I love it

Do you think I need more? My compartments aren't quite full yet

You welcome MAC for a new home. I know your glad to be out the tackle box.

Next I move to Lowe's for a Christmas tree. I really wanted a real one but I didn't want to pay that outrageous price just to throw it away in 4 weeks so I get this brilliant idea I will go to Lowe's and get the one in the ad for $139...WRONG! They were out....so the fruitcake working said oh they have some at the Gautier Lowe's so we pack up and head there. 2 cities away mind you. Get there and the guy says Oh no we sold them all today. OK back at square one. So then I have to hear how we should have called and verified that ourselves before we drove all the way over there. Blah Blah Blah!! So the guy says let me call the Pascagoula store and see if they have any so he calls the store and yes they have 1 and it's the model so I decide ok what the heck let's get the model and we don't have to put it together because it's already together. Well I get there and I start looking at the tree and don't like it. Yea...O'Neil at this point is huffing and puffin because we have been all around the country for a tree and I don't like it. Well I was bitching because I didn't want to spend a whole lot on a tree but I turn around and there was the greatest fake tree I have ever seen. It looked so real. So I asked the chick what's the price well she tells me $299. I bout shit my pants. I thought jeez I go from a $139 to $299. So I wait for an hour with screaming kids and a pissed off husband just to get my tree. Needless to say I was cussed out all the way home for driving around the world for a tree I didn't even buy and could have bought that tree right here at the Lowe's at home.

Whew I am exausted from all that riga-more-roar. But I am a happy camper because I now am the proud owner of a fake tree that looks real. I will have to own this one he said for at least 5 years. So I guess I better be happy with it.


Blogger April said...

sounds like me shopping yesterday...almost all for me. so BAD!

oh, and i got my tree in 10 minutes :P


11/26/2005 9:07 AM  

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