Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Monday

Well it's a Monday, but I must admit it went by fairly fast considering. This weekend I got some shopping done for the kids. They were in desperate need of winter clothes. We went to the gap for the "friends and family discount" they had going on where you receive and additional 30% on all your purchase and for every $75 you spend you receive $15 gift card. Well we got $425.00 worth of clothes for $255 and I mean to tell you these kids are set for the winter.

Pants...Check..both kids 5 pair each
Shirts....Check...both kids 10 shirts each
Sweaters...check....both kids...Mason 2 ..Melana 5
Skirt...check..Melana only 2
Tights...Check...Melana 3 pair of funky fun colored tights
Dresses..check...Melana 2 of the cutest dresses
Shoes...Check..both kids 4 pair each...I think they should have a variety of shoes to choose from...it's an obsession of mine.
Coats...both kids... 2 heavy coats and 2 light coats each.
Hats and Mittens...check.... 2 sets each kid
Socks...check...10 pair each kid
underwear...3 pack for Mason...spiderman...batman..and jimmy neutron

Of course momma had to shop for her also. I went back the next day by myself and racked up on me some stuff. Not much though since I have my surgery set for next month and I have no clue what size I will be when it's over. Anyhoo, I got a really fabu jacket from Gap for $31.49. It was regularly 79.99. I didn't think that was bad. Of course I had to get a sweater or two...heheh..April I thought about you when i picked one out. It was a light teal color...and I bought a striped brown, light brown and teal turtleneck for under it.

Well that's just a few of my shopping bargains. I guess I need to go give the munchkins a bath.

Oh PS..I almost forgot...On our way back from picking Mason up he started singing Feliz Navidad and saying I wanna wish you a Merry "Chrimus" Isn't that funny?


Blogger April said...

yay for teal! you go girl with your bad shoppin self. woo hoo!


12/07/2005 3:40 PM  

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