Friday, December 23, 2005

Laissez Les Bons Temp Rouler!!!

Pronunciation: (lay say lay bohn tohn roo lay)
Meaning: Let the good times roll..... baby (in French)

Our New Orleans trip was fabulous. Elizabeth, Mike, O'Neil and I had met another couple Mike and Pat for a night of drinking and eating. We had such a good time. We ate, shopped, and partied New Orleans style. We stayed at the Prince Conti in the French Quarter. Oh how I loved the Victorian style rooms. Then we went to the Port of Call, which is a burger joint in the quarter that my family owns, and ate a burger the size of a half a cow and boy was it yummy... slirrrrppppp. After eating the cow we walked it off by shopping a little bit in the rain. Yes it was raining but it didn't stop us. Sure didn't. Checked in our hotel and while we were waiting on Mike and Pat , Elizabeth and Mike came to hang out in our room. When she walked in she was laughing her ass off and had to tell me that Mike was laying on the bed checking out how comfortable it was ( yeah right, we know what he was checking for , Wink Wink) and she noticed that he had been walking around with his tag still on his shirt.
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(Elizabeth made him re-enact the whole eating the hamburger scene so everyone can get a good laugh. Glad he's such a good sport. This would only happen to Mike.. POOR guy!!!
It was some funny shit. Once we got a good laugh then we realized that's why the waitress was laughing when she handed him the bill.. BWHAHAHAHA!!!
Then we did some shopping (Elizabeth and I), the boys just tagged along and of course the shopping was for ourselves. We went to Metro Three because I had to have some shirts from there. It's a mom and pop screen printing shop on Magazine Street in NOLA and they have some cute cute shirts. Here are the ones that I did buy.

Make Levees Not War.. You have to be from here to appreciate this because New Orleans is way below sea level and it's levees holding the water back from the city.

Oh how I love this one.
If you have never been through a hurricane you will not appreciate these as much as I do.

Anyway..so then we shopped at Lush. We bought some bath ballistics. Oh they are great.

That night we at a Tujaques where I had crawfish Bordalais...yummmmmy!!!

Once we were finished stuffing our belly's we heading on over to Pat O's for some drinks. I can't speak for anybody else but I was feeling nooooooo pain and I don't believe Elizabeth was either.
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This was a fountain in the courtyard
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Of course us having our mugshot taken..we are camera hogs

Oh geez the next morning came around and I sure didn't want to get out that king size bed. It was soooo comfy but I did and dragged my hungover ass to the shower so we could go eat breakfast at Petunia's, which is definitely what I needed. Elizabeth and I(the camera hogs that we are) did strike a pose for a pic and I don't think we realized that it looked as if Barbie puked everywhere with all the pink. Jeezz I blended with the walls.
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After much deliberation I finally after 20 minutes decided to order
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the egg white omelet stuffed with asparagus..OH MY GOD WAS IT DELISH..anyway..as we were sitting there I was doing my people watching I notice this lady was trying to drink her coffee at the next table over and she was falling asleep. I was sure her head was going to fall flat on the table but it never did to my surprise. Then folks, there was this other guy who need to have some bourbon with his coffee at 9 o'clock in the morning. He decided that we was going to stare me down. Now this guy had to turn completely side ways to look at me. I guess he like what he saw or the more bourbon he drank the better looking I got. hehee.. I was looking some kind of rough that morning. Oh and then there was this poor old man who needed a new glasses prescription because he had on these really thick glasses and the waiter brought him a menu to read over and this is what I saw. I felt so bad but I had to get a pic..I have never seen shit like this before..
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He had the paper completely touching his nose. Now I don't know about you but I cannot see shit with a piece a paper that close to my face and I wear glasses.

OK this is what I want you to do...I want you to take a piece of paper with writing on it and put it to the tip of your nose and read it. YOU CAN"T FOLKS!!! I so wish he would go see a doctor because he needs a new pair of glasses in a bad way.

Well that was our trip of course there is more but we won't discuss it any further for feear of incriminating ourselves....hehehe


Blogger elizabeth said...

girl, i'm so glad that i finally got around to giving you those pictures so you can make this post. oh, i feel so bad for my hubby. only mike could walk around with a tag on his shirt, his fly down, or toilet paper stuck to a part of his face that he cut while shaving.

we had so much fun on this trip. i can't wait to go again. i just wish that the cats meow woulda been open. oh well, thats for an all girl trip anyway :)

12/29/2005 6:21 AM  
Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Looks like such a fabulous time! Loved reading about it and seeing all of your photos :)

12/29/2005 12:12 PM  

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