Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now I am counting the days...21 days

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As the time is creeping up on me with 10 more pounds that I would have like to have lost by surgery I am getting jittery. This is something I have been wanting for quite some time and since I now have to have a hernia fixed in my belly because of delivering 2 baby cows this was the perfect time. Since April of this year I currently to date have lost 30 pounds. (Taking a bow)
I am 5'2 and I had a 8 1/2 pound baby and a 9 pound baby. Needless to say I was stretch from here to the next state. I was in a size 16 in April and now a size 8 in most clothes. Somethings I have to wear a 10. You would think all that weight I would have lost some in the face but no..hell no...that shit is still there. What's up with that? Hopefully it will be gone by the next 10 pounds. Dr. Richardson said he will be able to fix me up like new and get rid of all that excess skin and in doing so I am guaranteed to lose another 3 inches from the belly and hip area. YIPPY!! That is music to my little ears. I was sooo close to my goal weight but since the holiday's I am afraid I have put on about 4 or so pounds. The holiday's have come and gone but the weight is still lingering...GRRRRRR!!!!! I don't know what I am going to do for the next 21 days but I have to do something to shed these extra pounds. What the hell was I thinking when I scheduled surgery around the holiday's...DUH!! So anyway I have been drinking more water than usual which the usual is whole helluv a lot so now my eyeballs are really really floating. While I am under I am going to have the "girls" fixed. AKA the twins. They are no longer going to be girls they will become ladies..bwahahahah..Oh I am so excited and nervous.


Blogger elizabeth said...

okay seriously, i think that the two of us are beginning to think too much alike! i was just thinking a few minutes ago when i was laying on bed, that i need to make a post about how i have to lay off all the damn candy and junk i have been eating the past couple of weeks and get my butt in gear. now granted, not all of us are as lucky as you to have the surgery done ;) but i know that i have been slack lately and need to get back on the train. chooo-chooo!!

as far as your face goes, i think it totally looks like you lost weight in it. i just think pictures do a number on our double chins. i mean seriously.

i wouldn't worry any more about it or you are going to completely stress yourself out. just think about how you are going to look by the end of february and you will be feeling better. you are going to be sportin' those ladies like its no bodies business.

we are going to be two girls with great hoots (well yours will be a lil bit better b/c your nipples will be facing straight ahead, whereas mine kinda are shy and look down to the ground BWWWAHHAHAHAHA!!!)

luv ya sista!

12/27/2005 7:29 PM  
Anonymous V said...

I'm so happy for you, so happy that you you worked so hard for this and you are nearing the end of that tunnel! Good for you! I'm at the beginning of my journey (again - LOL!) I'll look to you for inspiration. BTW, what plan have you followed to lose your weight? I've tried WW and I'm going to go back on it but first I'm meeting with a nutritionist.

When is the big day again?

12/27/2005 8:44 PM  
Blogger Diana in WV said...

Congrats on your weight loss! How did you do it? I did ok with my weight loss for a while, but most of that was working out, and then my sitter disappeared, and in this small town there just isn't a lot of people I know that I would trust my kid with, so that kinda disappeared...and my weight reappeared...all of it that I lost...bleh.

I'm excited to hear how the surgery goes and if you'll be happy with the outcome, you seem so excited about it that you're making ME excited for you! :) Good luck with that. Care to share before/after shots? hehe.

12/28/2005 7:58 AM  
Blogger Angel With an Attitude said...

congrats on the weight!! and delivering baby cows..that's hilarious! i hope everything goes well! keep us posted!

12/28/2005 9:21 AM  
Blogger April said...

woot woot for becoming a new hottie! yay!

you arent smoking anymore, correct?!?!?!


12/28/2005 8:22 PM  
Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Wowie girl!!! Great job with the weight loss! :) Hope all of the operations go smoothly :)

12/29/2005 12:14 PM  
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