Friday, December 30, 2005

Sibling Love or Rivalry..Who knows?

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I just love these lil stinkers so much. They bring so much joy to my life. Even though on a daily basis they are hooigans. I often wonder what I would do if I didn't have these crumb snatchers around. I also often wonder what and how my life was before kids. That part is such a blur I really can't remember it. I do remember the freedom though. As a parent you still have freedom but it is not as easy to get up and go. Not saying you can't do it cause you can but it just takes you longer before you can leave the house. When Mason was only 4 weeks old I packed him up and 2 cars full of baby crap and went to Destin for 7 days. My motto is "Have baby will travel". O'Neil was just devasted that I did that. He could not believe that I was taking precious and going to Florida. Well as I was driving away waving he believed it then. Had a good time too. I sat at at dusk on the beach with Mason and let him listen to the ocean waves crashing in. That was the best sleep the little man got. He had reflux something terrible. Mason was only 1 when I found out I was pregnant again. That was so not planned. i was really devestated. I mean here I am with a baby cause at 1 they are still a baby with another one on the way. At this point I said screw them pills after this go around we gonna nip this shit in the bud and have this taken care of.
(Self confession: I didn't want kids at all then I negotiated for just 1)
So to find out I have another one on the way with a baby at home still you can imagine what I was feeling. As terrible as it sounds I just never could get excited for the fear and emotional overload that had set in. All I could think about was I going to be able to handle it. One was a handful what was I to do with two so close in age. Thank god I only had the two of them in diapers for 3 months at the same time. It wasn't long after she was born I really hit the potty training hard. It took me a month and he was trained. Wheww!! Thank goodness for "scoobie snacks". I tried to bribe him with everything. I tried the cheerios in the toilet and tell him to aim for the circles, I tried cookies, candy and nothing. Finally I remembered he loves pop tarts. (Blech) so I told him if he pee pee's he would get a pop tart. Well that was music to his ears. On to the poo poo. If he did #2 he would get 2 pop tarts and I would jump up and down and get all excited. Well IT WORKED!! So he called that his scoobie snacks. Then for about a year everytime someone went to the bathroom you were expected to eat a scoobie snack. Ugh wonder I was big girl. All that mess will put weight on ya ass fast.
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When Melana was born on March 10th she was the first girl to be born on O'Neil's side of the family in 36 years. Yes that's right 36 years. Every child before then was a boy. The grandparents only have 1 granddaughter and 1 great granddaughter , which is Melana. Nooo she's not spoiled much. She holds her own with all those boys thoguh I tell ya. She is not one I am going to have to worry about. She will jump your butt in a heartbeat and commence to beating your booty.


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