Sunday, July 09, 2006

My new blog....

Everyone please update your links or bloglines to my new site

It's a Me-ocracy and I'm the PRESIDENT!

That is if you still want to keep up with my non sense.

I will keep this one just in case I can't get the new one to cooperate as far as my archives.

So keep this one as well. I might keep up with both. We'll see

Happy Sunday. I am headed to the waterpark.
ugh don't be jealous now ...ok?

ETA: I made it to 10,000 hits....whew that was hard....hehehe
okay so after 2 hours of trying to figure out how to move my archives I am now calling for your help. All you master bloggers out there please if you know tell me how to do that without doing a copy and paste because after 3 posts that shit got old.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another card completed!!

These birthday's are killing me. It seems everyday I pick them up from school and there is a birthday invitation in their cubby. I feel that I have to take them to the parties for 2 reasons. 1.) My mom didn't take me to party's for my classmates and I am such a social butterfly I always wanted to go. 2.) Birthday's are very important to me. I mean think about it..that was the day you and I and these kids were brought int his world. (speaking of brought in this world if my kids continue with the uglyness that is going on today I am going to "take them out"....just kidding... oh jeezzz it's true I am becoming my mother: flashback to the laste 80's early 90's... "Greta dammit I brought you in this world I can take you out!!" Of course I thought that was hysterical and that would piss the ole momster off even worse.

Anyway back to my reasons...I just think that it's that child's day to shine and we should all celebrate it if invited.

Yesterday was my niece Brailey's (and she is just like me that is scary) party. I sure wish I had pics for ya but I don't so we'll move on and I will show you the card I threw together for her in about 15 minutes. Took me longer than that to think about what I wanted to do. I hate when that happens.

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Same colors as yesterday's card for Kaleigh. I just hate wasting paper but I also hate having chopped up paper laying everywhere also. I think that bugs me more. In my house it get's thrown to the side and then forgotten about.

Happy Saturday peeps...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

the Mojo is flowing

I made this today for one of Mason's classmates who turned 4.

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I am so happy that I didn't have scrappers block....It was so nice to beable to sit down and scrap something...even if it was just a card, with no interuptions.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!

This weekend was a busy one. We took the kids on Sunday to the crab fest in Bay St. Louis and walked around and let the kids ride what few rides they had. I never would have thought that Mason would have been my child who would do these sorts of things. He is normally scared of everything. He suprised me once again. While walking around he spotted the ferris wheel and wanted to ride it so I got on with him. He did pretty good until it got going really fast then he freaked out a little bit and put his head in my lap. Of course mama couldn't show fear because then he would shit his pants just like I was about to do. (NOTE TO SELF: DON NOT RIDE A FERRIS WHEEL THAT IS 50 YEARS OLD AND IS RUSTED TO HELL AND BACK AND CREEKS LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!) So I was waiting for this ride to end praying to god we made it off alive. Everytime we would get to the bottom the really cool guy who was running it was making sure Mason was ok..the problem with that was I said he's fine so he thought he would crank it up another notch. Holy shit where was my depends because I was going to need it in just a few minutes if he kept that up. Finally the ride was over. Wheww!! I do not think Mason will get back on the ferris wheel but we will see.
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Then we rode the tilt -o-whirl. That seems to be a big hit with both the kids.
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Although by the look on their faces they weren't that impressed but truly they were.
Next Mason had to get on the wings. This is his favorite ride.
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He would have rode this over and over if we would have let him.
Then he informs me that he wanted to ride the one that looks like your hang gliding. He was disappointed when we told him he was to small. They had people on that thing looking like any minute they were going to shit or throw up...who knows which one. It looked fun to me but I knew O'Neil wouldn't ride it and who wants to ride by themselves. After we spent an ass load of money on frozen hamburgers we decided to head for my mom's to spend the rest of the day.
Fastforward to today:
Today we spent most of the day in the swimming pool at Jody's house and grilled. We bought Bingo for the pool. It comes with chips and yu drop them in the pool and have to dive and get them and come back to the board and put them in it and see who can get bingo first. That was a hoot.
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I do believe this is the game i whipped Oneil's ass (just by the skin of my teeth) then he decided the next hand the would go down and get all the green chips and come back and get Bing. I think that constitutes cheating but he states otherwise. He calls it improvising. I think he is full of shit myself.
Here are just a few random shot of the kids:
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This was my first bikini when I was little. It is still big on Melana but I wanted to get a few pics so I can scrap me and her side by side in the same swim suit. It has seen better days but still looks pretty good considering it is 20 something years old.
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He makes the ugliest faces when he doesn't want his picture taken!
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She will ham it up for me but refuses to smile or ham up anything if it's a professional photographer (refer to banner) she will look at them like they ae stupid.
Here is jody and O'Neil while he is burning the hamburgers on the grill.
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When i tell you the hamburgers were on fire i am not lying and I have the pictures to prove it.
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We think that because the grill is always being used that the grease has managed to over take everything which makes the grill catch on fire because it didn't matter if it was on high or low the shit was still on fire.
Then it would smoke like the dickens.
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O'Neil managed to put it out and it would come right back we thought we were going to have to call the Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting there for a minute. hehehe!
We aren't allowed to pop or shoot fireworks becaus eof all the dryness we have had not to mention still all the debris left from Katrina to catch on fire and burn what's left that Katrina didn't take.
That's okay by me. I hate spending money on that crap. I just assume light a dollar bill and watch it burn.

Hope everyone had a great 4th and it's back to the ole grind tomorrow!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Today is not a good day

Last night i got to thinking that I should have received my cricut by now. So I looked and my check had cleared on the 23rd of June. I sent the lady an email(last week) asking her when would she be sending it out? I haven't heard back from her so i send her another one(last night) and this time I try to call her with no success. I decided to get on and check her feedback to find a negative one posted the day after my hubby bought mine (for my birthday might I add) that was added stating they have never received their cricut and she deposited the money. So now I am steaming....I try to call her with no success. I contact ebay to let them know it has been almost a month and I haven't heard from her. Blah blah blah...to make a long story short I contacted the police in Utah and they in turn call this chick on the number i have for her and of course she answers for them. So i call her and she decides now she will answer her phone because A.) I guess she figures she is in some shit now and or B.) she figures if I have gone through all this trouble she may need to rethink scamming my ass.

So i talk to her and she gives me some bullshit...yes bullshit about how i owed her more money for sales tax...so i tell this bitch she isn't getting another penny from me that if i owed her more money she should have contacted me and let me know that and not cashed my freaking check. besides i have my invoice where i owe her nothing more than what i paid her. I tell her all this and of course the lies and bullshit that start spewing out of her mouth were un-fucking-believable so she starts fumbling over her words telling one lie after the other and i so "politely" (and to my suprise at this point i was being polite) tell her she has until the weekend to get me a tracking number with my cricut in it or i will be pressing charges against her for fraud. I also explained to her that I was aware of the law because I have been in it for years and my husband know the law like nobody's business. I explain to her that itt was not beyond me to get a plane ticket to Utah because I have never been and it will be so much fun to meet with her face to face in a courtroom. So she spews other lies out of her mouth and I also tell her she was trying to be shady but i have called the bank she deposited my check at and they have her on camera which the police will subpeona along with my report and then I will sue her ass for my hotel and plane ticket as well, should i have to come out there. I also "politely"(by this time I am fuming beyond belief) told her that should she want to go that route I will be more than happy to "let the games" begin. She assured me she would have my cricut in the mail to me when she got back into town (she was helping her brother move) Yeah right..tell that to someone else bitch I got your number and the games you want to play. Only at this point I am one step ahead of you and your shady ass.

and to top it off she is no longer a registered user with ebay. her reason: she is going back to school and just can't handle the pressure of sales tax and some other bullshit. i also told her that me being in mississppi i wasn't required to pay Utah sales tax and if that was a requirement by her then that should have been included with her price on the invoice to begin with. She needs to take it up with ebay not me it's not my problem.

so you keep fucking with me bitch and we'll see who has the last laugh in the end...i promise you it will be ME!!!

Note to self and everyone else: DO NOT BUY ON EBAY UNLESS IT'S THROUGH PAY PAL. Paypal will honor all fees if scammed where as ebay only will honor up to 200.00 minus the 25.00 processing fee. So I will get 175.00 out of the 279.99 oneil paid for the damn thing. Now i have to eat 105.00. Mama is not happy about eating 20.00 much less 105.00 so i assure you this is not over with.

I never, never, never bought anything until now with a check and this is the shit that happens. hmpff!! I have sold and bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff on ebay and have NEVER had a problem....lesson learned!!

That cricut better be on my doorstep next week is all I can say or sistah here will be leaving for Utah when i get back from CHA!!

Sorry if I sound like a raging lunatic..at this point I AM!!!!