Saturday, October 29, 2005

Calling for Help!!

Since I am new to the blog world I am calling for help for someone to please make me a banner for my blah blog. I wanted something to go with "The Adams Family"

I wish I could find the html code for the theme to the show. That would be funny.
Anyway if any one could help me I sure would appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mentally Exhausting!

Tonight I decided I must bite the bullet and make the dreadful trip to Wal-Mart. Boy was that a freaking mistake. That place was a mad house. As I was standing line for 45 minutes ( no exaggeration) patiently waiting to check out I was thinking to myself I must have lost my damn mind. I could not believe the people in Wal-Mart on a Tuesday night at 7 o'clock. I get to the check out with my $300 worth of crap and I remember as the chick is ringing me up that I don't have my debit card because I have misplaced it somewhere in my house. I also discover I didn't have my checkbook either. THANK GOD I remembered I had the cards that the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations gave us after Katrina. I knew I was holding on to them for something. As I was swiping the 15 cards I had while hoping and praying I had enough on each card to cover my purchase this BE-OTCH behind me starts rolling her eyes and huffing and puffing. W-E-L-L.. that didn't sit well with this ole chick so me being me I asked her if she had a problem. Of course she said no in a sarcastic way so I "politely" said I didn't think you did. I'm telling you my patience and everyone else's around this town is getting pretty thin. What use to be a 10 minute drive now takes 40 minutes or longer. I am hoping and praying they get at least one bride fixed within the next 6 months. All I can say is this SHIT SUCKS!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Photo Stamps

Well tonight while tooling around the net I ran across a site called Photo Stamps. I decided since I was running low on stamps I would order me some. Normally I order the Breast Cancer stamps. I thought this would be a unique way for family and friends to see the latest family mug shot.

My consultation is soon- YEAH!!

Well today I called and made my appointment with 2 different plastic surgeons to see which one I like the best. I have an appointment this Thursdsay October 27th at 3pm and one on November 7th at 3:15. Gosh I am on pins and needles. I can't wait. I have to lose 7-10 more pounds by January which is when I want to have it done. Dear god please keep me on track. I think I have decided I am going to take up some sort of exercise on a regular basis. Excercise these days will consist of actually getting up and doing something. It use to consist of watching someone else do it on watching it on TV. Go ahead and say it. Yeah right!


When Mason was about 18 months we bought a Suburban. I was a little unsure if I wanted a gas hog like that but we bought it anyway. I loved it. Well one day we told Mason we were going bye bye and we walked out to the Surburban and he said "Bus" and started pointing to it. From then on out we called it "the bus" just like him.

May of this year we decided to down size because gas was cutting into my shopping money. That thing cost me $90 everytime I had to fill it then I couldn't imagine what it would cost to fill it now with gas being $2.90 a gallon. I had the ride to haul the clothes shoes and purses but couldn't afford to shop and put gas too, so we bought a TrailBlazer. Well we brought it home and now he call this one the "New Bus". The other day I said come on mason load up in the bus and he stopped and looked at me and said "that not the bus that the new bus momma".

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My "Bob the Builders"

Today O'Neil was fixing our mailbox and I went outside for who knows what and I find Mason "measuring" and post for his daddy.

He loves to help his daddy as long as things are going his way. Once things stop going his way he will tell you "I'm not playing with you."

Ms. Melana of course was supervising her brother and daddy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Going Once Going Twice...Gone!

Since April of this year I have lost 30 pounds. Yesterday I went to see Dr. Pappas (my OB/GYN) and he informed me that since I delivered Melana I have lost 52 pounds. Woo Hoo!! I want to lose about 10 more and then I am going to have my tummy tuck. Yippy!! (Can you see me jumping up and down clapping?) I will make my appointment for a consultation on Monday with a plastic surgeon. The more weight I lose the worse my stomach looks. I look like I have a cow utter. UGHHHH!! 2 C-Sections back to back is not good on the stomach, not to mention the 2 toddlers I gave birth to. I am so excited I can't weight , I mean wait.

Sleeping Beauty

Tonight we took Mason to Maw Maw's to spend the night (that's a every other weekend ritual) and on the way home we look back and Melana is sleeping with her hands behind her head and the wind whipping through her hair. Once we got home and drove in the garage her hand started slipping sown her face before I could snap the picture. She loves the Jeep. She holds her hands up in the air and says WEEEEEEE!!

The New Jeep

Two weeks before the Hurricane hit I had suprised O'Neil and bought him a Jeep Wrangler. It was Black with a tan top. I actually pulled off a suprised for him. I got off work early went and picked it up and drove it home and wrapped a huge red bow around it. He was so suprised. All he could say was "you got me." So I order him a personalized tag that said YuGotMe. Well needless to say he drove the Jeep about 3 times and then it got flooded with 15 feet of water. He was so upset so I got him another one. The New Jeep is White with a tan top and might I add I like this one better than the other one. Now he is just as happy as pigs rolling in slop. He has driven this one about 6 times so far and has already washed and waxed it twice. Go Figure!!

Kids Say The Funniset Things!

This morning was picture day at the day care. Normally O'Neil gets Mason dressed in the mornings. Well, this morning I decided I would get him dressed. This is a conversation that took place:

O'Neil: "Aww Mason your such a trader. Daddy wanted to get you dressed."
Mason: "No daddy mommy's getting me dressed."
O'Neil: " Aww , Daddy's feelings are hurt and I am going to cry."
Mason: " You'll be ok!!"

I damn near fell on the floor laughing. That was hysterical. This child of mine is a hoot.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Great Kiddie Craft Site

As I was tooling around tonight I discovered a great crafting website for kids.
I think I will try to do some of these things with the kiddies at least a couple times a month. Mason will really enjoy it. Melana on the other hand who knows. Her attention span right now is that of a gnat.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Past Halloween Costumes

These were our Halloween costumes 2 years ago. Obviously Mason was Mickey and I was Minnie. Well I was a pregnant Minnie actually. I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with Melana.

Last year Mason was Batman and Melana was Blue. She was just as cute as can be. I figured since Mason was Blue for his first Halloween she should be too. As soon as I can find those pics I will upload and edit this post.


When we put the Halloween decorations in the yard Mason thought he could jump in it like he does his big blow up bounce around that he got for his birthday this year. He just couldn't comprehend that it was for decoration and he couldn't jump on it.
I got this on clearance from Domestications.
Kacie is having a Halloween party for the kids this year since we are unsure of what is going to happen as far as trick or treating goes. Mason is going to be Peter Pan and Melana will be Tinkerbell. Since I didn't think I would be able to pull off Wendy I decided to be the oddball and go as Mrs. Potts. I plan on having plenty of pics to be able to post after Halloween so everyone can see how cute the kids are and how ridiculous their mommy looked. That's ok though. In about 10 years or so they will think I am a fruitcake.

Birthday Girl!

I am trying to play catch up on the blog world. Melana is now 19 months but this was her first birthday. The theme was Hello Kitty. Of course I knew she would love her cake and wouldn't mind getting her fingers dirty in it. She was upset with me when i took the cake away. I was scared she would go in a diabetic coma. Neither of my kids are use to all that suger and boy she knew what she has was some good stuff and didn't want it to end. She hasn't eaten that much sugar since the other night when she was sneaking sugar cookies off of Biz's table.

Monday, October 17, 2005

My 80's Heartthrob is.......

Well I took this quiz on Elizabeth's blog regarding who was your 80's heartthrob and this is what it revealed....

John Stamos...He was a hottie!!

Who's Your 80's Heartthrob?

2 Peas in a Bucket ( Bucket Head That Is)

You know they have 2 bazillion toys that I fall over and just about damn near break my neck and what do they play with? Buckets!! Go Figure

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Little Picasso's

All I can say is THANK GOD for sidewalk chalk!!
Mason and Melana love to draw on the concrete. Mason's favorite thing to draw is a sun. His sun looks better than mine. Maybe he will be the artist in the family. Melana she just likes to draw swirls and lines. She will probably take after me. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Our Family Portrait

This is the 1st family portrait we had since Melana was born! I know we should be ashamed of ourselves! As you can tell the kids were thrilled.

Did Someone Call for a Doctor?

Mason loves doctors so when my mom was away on the road she would send him care packages. This doctor outfit she made had the surgical hat and scrubs with the coat that she embroidered his name on it. We already had the stethoscope from when Melana was in the hospital with RSV. I figured I paid 2 million dollars for it I might as well take it so I did. He has the best time being "Doca Mason". Now when we go to his doctor appointments we have to wear the outfit. Of course all the nurses and doctors just think he is the cutest thing. They get the bigest kick out of him and he will be quick to tell you he is "Doca Mason"!

Mason has his own language that we like to call "Masonese"!

In Masonese basketball is spacketball; ketchup is jacob; stir is stirrup;chicken is shicken; Melana (his sister's name) is Mewana. That is just an example of his many words.

I love him! I love him! I love him!

That Girl of Mine!!

You know my mom always said she hoped I had a girl and she would be just as bad if not worse than I was. Well...guess what. SHE IS!! Mom got her wish and believe me I am paying dearly for it. Melana is pure rotten. We knew that was the way it would be when O'Neil and I found out it was a girl. Melana is the first girl to be born on his side of the family in 36 years. (Yea you read right 36 years) She is the only girl on his side all the others are stinking boys including her brother Mason. Melana has 4 boys that she will have to defend herself agaisnt and believe you me she does it now. She takes absolutly no crap off anyone. Mason is 3 and she is 18 months and she will beat him down like a rag doll.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Arial Views From The Chopper

This is a better perception of the Grand Casino as you can see it is across the highway.

This is Casino Magic

This is Isle of Capri

This is the Copa Casino

This was Treasure Bay Casino and Resort

President Casino is in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn by the Coliseum!

The bridge that is a main artery from Biloxi to Ocean Springs.
We've been told that it will be 18 long months until completely functional but it is suppose to be a 6 lane high rise when finished.

This was Marine Life

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Damage

This is the site of what use to be St. Clare Church on the beach in Waveland.
As you can see all that is left is the alter and the floor.
The tents in the background is what use to be the school.

This is the Grand Casino barge which washed up 2 miles west of where it use to be and across Highway 90 and landed on top of Tullis Manor Historical House in Biloxi.

This is the second part of the Grand Casino which broke away from the other one and washed ashore approx 1/4 mile west of the first barge.

This pic is what is left of the Hard Rock Casino that was due to Open the first weekend in September. Hey..I guess there is a bright side to that, they will not have to replace the 2 million dollar guitar that was in front because believe it or not it is still standing. They advertised it would stand up to a Cat 4 Hurricane..guess they weren't lying.

The Port Commission Building. Only the 3rd Floor is left.

The site of Bombay Bicycle Club

This is a view of Howard Ave. That is what the whole street looks like for the exception of a few house that are standing but gutted by the water.