Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet JJ

Well this is the newest member of the family. We had to replace Jam. So now we have JJ.
Mason informed us that he was Jam Jr. so we will call him JJ. He is the coolest. He is alot more active than Jam was. I think Jam was sick from the get go...He is missed though.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is that an Infection??

Well this weekend was a total bummer. Friday morning I noticed a bump on Melana's leg. It looked like a mosquito bit her and she scratched it. It was about the size of a nickel. I drop her off at daycare and they called about an hour later saying that the bite looks like a staph infection. Of course i am saying nah she got bit by a mosquito and told then the size that it was. They inform me that it was now the size of a small orange. Whaaaaatttt? So I leave and take her to the doctor. Of course wouldn't you know it...Melana has a staph infection. So the Dr. draws on her leg with a sharpie just outside the actual area that is all shades of red. Writes me 2 million dollars worth of prescriptions and tells me that if it spreads outside the lines or gets any more puffy than it already is to bring her back immediately. I leave drop of her prescriptions and head for lunch with Elizabeth. While at lunch I looked at it again and it was waaaay outside that line. So we head back to the doctor's office where they inform me they are going to have to admit her.

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After sticking my baby 7 times..yes that's right 7 times with an IV needle they finally got it in her foot. Her vains kept blowing. She was screaming anything she could for them to leave her alone. Anything from she wasnted candy to she wanted to pee pee...you name it and she screamed it.
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Melana and me. She sure knows how to play the sick card that's for sure. And believe you me she played it on more than 1 occasion. She never let us forget she has a bo bo. Evertime the nurses came in she wanted us to hurry and cover up her legs and everything else all the way up to her neck because she thought in her mind if I cover them they will forget about it. She would give them hell everytime they wanted to just look at her infection. Poor baby!!!

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This is what staph infection looks like!!

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Melana told the nurse that her baby had a bo bo too so she needed a bandaid.

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Melana the next day decided she was getting restless and wanted her toenails and fingernails painted along with "pretty's" in her hair and a dress on. She is walking back from the bathroom with her IV and daddy in tow.

On Saturday was Elizabeth's little girl, Bella's birthday party so I left the hospital while O'Neil stayed with Melana and took him. He had a great time. The thing he likes the most is getting in and out the pool though because he likes to climb up and down the ladder...grrrrr!!!

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like I said.....up and down.....

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The 3 amigos posing with the monkey. I just love this pic.

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Since Melana couldn't make it Elizabeth sent her goody bag to the hospital with me for her. Of course she ate the crackers and cheese right away before she could move on to the next thing in it.

Sunday we were finally release to go home after a miserable stay. Melana kept telling the nurses and doctor she wanted to go home. It's hard to keep a 2 year old quarentined in those small rooms for to long. Thank god the doctor said we could go. I would have ended up cutting my throat had we had to stay another night. She was restless and I couldn't blame her. She had had enough and so did I.

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Melana toting her suitcase out the hospital telling all the nurses bye bye and thanks for making her bo bo go away...awwwwww.....they just loved her so. She was a trooper while there I have to give her that.

Hope everyone else had a better holiday than I did. Oh yeah, I almost forgot here is my new car.
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Now this is the only pic I had a chance to take with all that is going on I promise more and a full reveiw for those of you that asked. I am behind on blogs but I will catch up as soon as time allows. I know you understand!!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My car is in and i am off to drive it...catch ya'll later with pics

Monday, May 22, 2006

weekend recap

Saturday night we went to a friend of mine's 30th birthday party...it was a blast it was just ashame i went off and forgot my camera (gasp!! can you believe it? me either)it was disappointing to because i would have had some great pictures.

we were in the country so everyone had brought their 4 wheelers and was tearing it up. one of the guys wives decided she was jealous so she cranked up the john deere lawn mower and was out there with everyone on the 4 wheelers...we rolled.

then some dude had a pimped out little truck with a dance floor on the back and a stripper pole in the middle...yes you read right a stripper pole. ugh that was hysterical watching a bunch of drunk girls flinging around on this stripper pole.

some big fat guy who i don't know was wearing a shirt that said "I beat anorexia" that was picture worthy also but hey no camera.

and last but not least from saturday night we went dusting..yes that's right dusting..in the jeep. we couldn't call it mudding cause god knows that would never happen so we got out there like a bunch of rednecks with everyone on the 4 wheelers and was acting a fool in the jeep tearing up the ground...it was a blast. now if i can talk oneil into taking me mud riding that would be the bomb but that would and will never happen. RAT BASTARD!!

sunday we went to breakfast and took the kids to the local fair to ride some rides..that was a blast and this time i didn't forget the camera.
What the hell is up with those fair people that operate the rides? gosh they are terrible looking? Why? why must you be that nasty? I just don't get it..soap and water is cheap.

So here are a few pics I got:

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Mason and I riding the dragon ride
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Mason and Melana riding Choctaw and Cherokee
(that was the horses names) with daddy
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another shot
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Motorcycle Mason...he obviously thought he was riding a crotch rocket!
Melana was on it but it was to bumpy and she started screaming and wanted off.
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This one they were driving an old Mustang
That's for you Sharon!
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Mason on the swing...it goes out the faster it goes...he loved it and i was shocked I thought for sure he would want off but he didn't he actually wanted to ride it again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend we sure did!!

help wanted!

well i wanted to put a birthday countdown on my blog and guess what...the one i went to (tickerfactory) puts everything in black writing...well folks my blog is black so you cannot see what it says and i cannot change the font color...could someone please tell me some other sites to try?

thanks and much appreciated

Woo Hooooo!

You are Bettie Page

Girl next door with a wild streak
You're a famous beauty - with unique look
And the people like you are cultish about it

I will be updating my weekend later today or tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday...bah humbug!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today Jammy Jam died at 9:15 am. He just wasn't acting right and so O'Neil had to put him down so he wouldn't suffer anymore.

I think I cried more than anyone around. It was hard. He was such a cool little gervil as Mason and Melana called it. O'Neil and the kids are going to petsmart this morning to get another one.

Rest in Peace Jam

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

My patience is wearing thin

okay so everyone knows what a fabulous car I am getting, if you don't you can go here to see, anywho so I talked to my fabulous saleman today who delivers me some not so good news by telling me "I don't think it will be in this week" UGGGHHH not what I wanted to hear. First and foremost the freaking car is in birmingham, AL on a lot just sitting there looking all pretty and lonely just waiting for some smelly truck driver to come and pick it up. It's been there since last week. Grrrrrrr!!!! See this is how I see it and how my luck runs. Okay so it comes from Japan right well it was prolly the first car to get in the lot in AL and now be the last car to leave. Why I ask, why does this always happen to me?? I hate having to order cars but I guess that's the price you have to pay to ride a hybrid.

For all my Alabama readers especially if you want a Honda (which I love) go see Jay at Treadwell Honda in Mobile. He's the best and will give ya ass a great deal. Promise!! Tell him I sent ya.....the pain in the ass call you everyday, twice a day girl for the freaking hybrid!! :)~


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This post brought to you by the letter "P"

So I wanted to play this little game so I email Renee for her to send me a letter. I got the lucky P. Now i could go on and on about the things that are important to me that begin with the letter P.

Since she says 10 I guess I will have to just stick with 10.
(these are in no order, just random)

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It's girly and fun but most of all because it represents Breast Cancer Awareness. Those of you who know me know how important that is to me. I love you Mom and Aunt Pam.

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Well for reasons everyone should know...he is HOT and on my favorite show..Grey's Anatomy

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What girl doesn't think this is important huh? I mean a girl has to have a purse for every out fit, right? Or is that just me?

Plastic Surgeon-
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This is VERY important. I mean he had to fix the damage that was caused by 2 pregnancies with moose size babies. (I'm 5'2 on a good day and had a 8/12 pound baby and a 9 pound baby)

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Ugh come on now we all know that is important. I *heart* money

Pork and Poultry--
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I have to have pork chops and chicken. These 2 meats are how I survive. Chicken more so. Everynight I hear..What's for dinner..Ughh chicken.

(such ashame but I don't have a pic of my parents together. My mother runs from the camera and well ...my dad he's just grouchy. We are a dysfunctional family I tell ya) I'll try and get one though.

My parents are very important to me. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here...duh!! They love me unconditionally even though I was a baaaaadddd spoiled rotten brat. Did I say was I mean I am. hehehe

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My kids CANNOT go to bed without their pj's on. (Thanks mother for warping my mind even more)

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Can't wear flip flops in the summer when your piggies are jacked up like a football bat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Capturing the funny and quirky things my kids do while they are growing up . The faces they make are always changing from day to day. It's great having these pictures to look back on and compare.

Did ya play?

Now we take a commercial break and today's programming was brought to you by the letter "P"

If you would like to play please email Renee and she will email you a letter.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday V !!!

Just wishing you a happy birthday. Your gift is in the mail.

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Just a little altered frame I made you with some goodies in your package

Have a Happy One


Jamie, Alex, April and Ya-Ya
Your packages are in the mail as well

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tell me About the Day I was born...

This is a page I did for Melana..

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The journaling reads:

You were a scheduled C-section for 7:30 am on March 10, 2004. I woke up at around 4:30 am because I was nervous and just couldn't sleep. We were suppose to be at the hospital for 6:00 am so they could prep me and give me fluids and hook me up to all the monitors. However, we arrived at 5:20. I just couldn't wait any longer. Dr. Pappas had to bump me for an emergency C-Section he had to perform on another mother. While I was patiently waiting the nuse had come in the room and asked me if I was feeling anything? At that point I was feeling a few cramps but nothing real major. She then advised me I was having contractions. As the time went on they were getting harder and harder. The anesthesiologist (I'd like to call him Dr. Feelgood) comes in and gave me the "oh so wonderful" epidural. After the epidural took effect I was feeling no pain. Thank goodness because I didn't like the contractions at all. At about 10:00 am I was rolled back into the O.R. with daddy in tow. He was so excited because he was not able to be in the O.R. for the birth of your brother. They put my big whale butt on the table and draped all the curtains over so I couldn't see anything. Dr. Pappas had asked if I could "feel this". I told him no and he went to cutting. Your daddy wanted to be down there so bad he couldn't stand himself. He was suppose to be sitting at my head and comforting me but was he? No. He wasn't. He was behind the curtain watching as you were being taken out of the womb. You were born at 10:24 am on Wednesday March 10, 2004 weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces 21 1/2 inches long. When the nurse called time and she said 10:24 (in police code that means assignment complete) your daddy was just glowing. He of course left me as they stitched me up and went right with you to get all cleaned up and hold you for the first time and show you off to everyone waiting in the waiting room for your arrival.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me and all the other mother's out there who have awesome children.

Looky, Looky what I got...
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The kids gave me the Chocolat DVD and O'Neil gave me the moolah!
He tells me it's to go towards the "Greta beautification fund"...What an ass...hehehe

I haven't decided whether I was going to spend it on nails and a pedicure or maybe some more M-A-C.
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Since this pic was taken I have added about 6 lipsticks and liners, 3 more lipglass, and roughly 8 more shadows, 4 more eyeliners and shade sticks.

Hmm judging by the amount I already have in stock and the size of my make-up case I prolly should NOT buy anymore...BUT i LOVE it so much it just makes me smile thinking about all the great colors and liners that are out this summer....

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Every compartment is jammed up with it now that I have added even more to the collection.

See i have this obsession when it comes to make-up and not just any make-up it can only be M-A-C. I truly think I missed my calling as a make-up artist. I should have went for that...aggghhhh playing with brushes and color all day..that's my dream but for now I guess I shall do Human Resources. I wear all sorts of colors from the teal to black...it's all me...oh have you seen the new color waterproof liners that just got release..oh you didn't...well...well...lemme just show you...
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They are so F-I-N-E on..i just can't stand myself..

oh sheesh enough already..sorry about the "rantin and ramen" of my love for color.

Anyway today we grilled a pork loin and had potatoes and corn...YUMMY..then O'Neil took the kids and I to see The Wild at the movies...it was cute..Suprisingly enough Melana was pretty good considering. See we found what works you buy a giant bag of popcorn and the biggest drink they sell for a gazillion dollars and you let her go to town. Next time we will buy her her own bag though because she doesn't like to share and ate damn near all of it and had nerve to want more...huh...

Hope everyone had a great mother's day until next time bloggers..

Peace out

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Birthday April!

Just a quick shout out to April on her birthday

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For those of you who wish to make her a birthday tag you can post it on here

Thanks Ya-Ya!

Today when I picked Mason and Melana up from daycare I noticed Mason had cotton in his ears and he was crying. He tells me that his ears hurt. (We have battled ear problems since he was a tiny infant) I was suppose to take him to a birthday party for a classmate but he didn't want to go. Then he tells me "Mom, I'm sorry my ears hurt"...awww my lil man he is so grown.

We get home and the UPS man rang the doorbell. Mason had received a package for his birthday from his Ya-Ya..(she's in guam right now) He was so excited. She bought him the V-Tec Computer System and it is so cool. Well of course he had to play it right then and then tells me he is feeling better so when he was finished playing his computer he wanted to go to the birthday party.

Here he is after a fight and struggle to get the damn thing out the box.
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Conversation at the dinner table over some healthy McDonald's...

Mason: Dad, Ya-Ya is so nice. I love her
O'Neil: I know Mason she spoils you rotten
Mason: She loves me huh dad
O'Neil: Yes she does man
Mason: Do you love Ya-Ya daddy?
O'Neil: I sure do man and we miss her huh Mason
Mason: Yep daddy we do

Also today the kids made me a mother's day present that they were so excited to give me. I was just as excited to receive it. They each hand painted me a pot and styro foam cup in Melana's case and planted a plant in it for me.

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Mason's pot with his plant in it that he planted and watered for me.

The card reads:
It is just a little flower in a pot
Pretty for all to see
But it signifies the bond
Between you and me
For the flower to grow
It needs tender loving care
The kind you give me mom
Of this I am aware
I give you this flower today
As a symbol of my love
Because you are a special gift
From God up above

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This is Melana's and she was just as proud as she could be of it.

I hope I don't kill the plants....my thumb hasn't been so green lately!!


**EDITED TO ADD** ya'll a bunch of pervs...hehehehe can't a girl love the 80's..i can't help that it's on my chest...bwhahahaha

Thanks Eliz again for the awesome shirt!!

new avatar

The 80's Rocks the house peeps!!

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Happy Friday and I'll see you around this weekend.

Oh BTW Wendi....E can be my DIL anyday of the week...hehehehe she'll have to fight for him though cause he has lots of girls...bwhahahaha...my lil 4 year old playa...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Mason!

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Today May 10, 2006, Mason Bryce turns 4 years old. He was born at 8:06 pm and weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces. Our lives changed forever on this day. We were so blessed with a healthy baby boy. He is the sweetest and cutest kid. I'm not partial or anything...hehehe...I just love him so and wish him all the happiness and a long healthy life.

We love you Mason!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Can you say HANGOVER???

Oh my...this weekend was a good one except for the fact that I suffered Sunday from a hangover so freaking bad I couldn't stand myself.

Saturday we had mason's birthday party at the fun factory and the kids had a great time. The theme was batman...dunna dunna dunna dun batman....
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After the party we went to PetSmart. O'Neil told Mason he could get a gerbil for his birthday so needless to say we are the proud owners of a rat looking thing that is no bigger than a minute. He's kinda cute..Funny as hell to watch running around in his ball all over the place.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Meet "Jam"..that's what Mason named him...don't ask me because I don't know why or where it came from

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Okay so this is his pad. See here's where they get you. The gerbil $8.99 the house $35.99. The food $5.00 the shavings $5.00 the ball $5.00 you get my point. the rat cost so little but to house the thing you need to buy all of pet smart.

On to the night...can I just say I had a good time..prolly a little to good. You can pop on over to Elizabeth's blog to see pics because we only brought her camera. Gawd only knows what they will look like. I only viewed them that night and I was looking at triple so who knows.

Sunday I wasn't worth a shit. However O'Neil brightened my day when he told me I received a package in the mail. I was so excited and then I saw he opened it....Grrrrr!!!! So I tear up the paper to find this sweet ass necklace from Pink Rocket
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This necklace is the shit...the colors are so awesome. Then O'Neil proceeds to tell me that was not all that was in there and I'm like huh.....she sent me the apron that I was gushing over and telling her I would Rock that thing like a shirt. Guess what folks....

Taa Daaa....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Rocking that thing "Rocket" style

And last but not least I am now officially brace face:

Say Cheese:: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jeez that has got to be the ugliest picture I have taken in a long time if I do say so myself.

Other news: V I received the CJ and the goodie...Can't wait to get started on it. I will post a pic of my goodie later my camera is unloading all the picstures I have on it right now in the puter. It's only like 300 and something. Yeah I know...should empty it out more often.

oh well peace out I am off to check out everyone's blog and hit the bed...I am still tired.

the lush is out

Friday, May 05, 2006


This weekend is Mason's Birthday party on Saturday during the day and then Saturday night is a bachelorette party... WOOT WOOT!! I don't plan on staying out to late or drinking to much because I am getting old and hangover's suck the big one. I really would like to scrap on Sunday but who the hell knows if that will happen.

I have my nerve wanting toscrap when I need to organize my stuff instead of in big mounds everywhere. I absolutly have to get my stuff organized. It prolly would make scrapping a whole lot easier. I spend 3/4 of my time searching for my stuff I want to use on my pages. Grrrr!!

Does anybody else do that or is it just me?


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The verdict is in!!

Well no retainer for my ass. See my luck just isn't like that. If it could be simple that is just not for me. I have to be the complicated one. Starting Monday May 8th at 9am in the morning I will officially be known as "train track" girl. Yes I have to have my braces put back on. Grrrrrrr!! But the good thing is only for a year and I don't have to wear bands and headgear and all that mess again. He can fix them by shaving enamel on my 5 top teeth and the 5 bottom teeth shift the teeth back in place with brackets and call it a year. So Dr. tells me "yeah we will put the clear on top but you have to have metal on bottom. I say "Ugh your not putting clear in my mouth. This chick doesn't do clear" Well of course he wants to know why so I tell him. See the reason I don't like the clear is because it always looks like you got fur growing off your teeth. They stain if you eat to much mustard and spagetti and all those red sauces I just love to eat. So I told him the clear was a NO GO!! Well of course he says "furr growing off your teeth...bwhahahahaha I've never heard it put like that but ok we will do what you want, and so I don't have to go dumpster diving anymore after this treatment he is going to be so kind a put in a permanant retainer. If it's not attached to my body I cannot keep up with it. It's a wonder I haven't left my kids somewhere yet. That's my mom and dad's biggest fear.

Well hope everyone had a humpalicious day

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Scrappin makes me happy

Well over the weekend I scrapped a page for a dear friend of mine who told me she was the proud grandparent of twins. Her oldest son had fraternal twins in August and she emailed me some pics so I decided I would scrap her a page so she could frame it if she wished. Occasionally I scrap her some pages of my kids. She used to be my daycare provider for Mason ever since he was born but her husband got transferred to Guam. That totally sucked. We still keep in contact on a regular basis and before she left I did her an 8X8 scrapbook of the kids. Here are a few that I scrapped for her as well for her book of the kids.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These are the beautiful twins.

Grrrrrrr.......my printer/scanner just went ka-poot....will scan the others at a later date

Tomorrow is hump day and I go to the orthodontist to see if he can once again fix my grill...hopefully he can just straighten them back out with a retainer.

See boys and girls when you lose your retainer in the trash can at mcdonald's because your stupid ass put it on your tray and forgot about it then you must repeat the process to have your grill fixed AGAIN!! Like I said I am hoping a retainer will do. There is this new treatment out where you wear this retainer for 2 weeks , then they mold another for 3 weeks and then the last one for another 2 weeks and BOOM you should be fixed up...so long as he don't tell me he has to lift my whole top jaw again...if he does I will be a grouchy (or as Melana says it grunchy) chick... after that I will have a permanant retainer put in. SURE WILL!! No more dumpster diving in nasty trash for a retainer.

On Friday O'Neil gets his braces off....YAY! Now maybe he will smile like a normal human being from here on out instead of that cheesy half crooked, don't want to show the teeth smile he is always doing.

Oh well nothing new in the world of the Adams Family

Peace out and have a great Hump Day